My Study Life App

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The objective was to redesign an existing scheduling app for students and teachers (My Study Life) while incorporating app statistics, competitor data, and user testing.

app presentation2.jpg
app presentation3.jpg
app presentation4.jpg

[App Statistics]

app presentation7.jpg
app presentation6.jpg
app presentation5.jpg


app presentation9.jpg
app presentation11.jpg
app presentation10.jpg

[Personas & Storyboard]

app presentation12.jpg
app presentation13.jpg
app presentation14.jpg
app presentation15.jpg
app presentation16.jpg

[User Flow & Wireframe]

app presentation17.jpg
app presentation18.jpg
app presentation19.jpg
app presentation20.jpg
app presentation21.jpg
app presentation22.jpg
app presentation23.jpg

[Prototype Testing]

app presentation24.jpg
app presentation25.jpg
app presentation26.jpg
busy student.jpeg

This project was a fun and I think successful experiment in layout, iconographics, logo design and color to achieve an improved user experience.

app presentation27.jpg
app presentation29.jpg
app presentation28.jpg

[Task 1: Set alarm assignment due date]

app presentation30.jpg
app presentation31.jpg
app presentation32.jpg

[Task 2: Add a new workshop]

app presentation33.jpg
app presentation34.jpg
app presentation35.jpg
app presentation36.jpg

[Task 3: Add a new workshop]

app presentation37.jpg
app presentation38.jpg
app presentation39.jpg
app presentation40.jpg
app presentation41.jpg
app presentation42.jpg
app presentation43.jpg

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